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The Jackson Lee Vetch Memorial Fund exists to make it possible for all youth, regardless of economic circumstance or religious background, to attend Christian camp. Our vision is to increase the awareness of Christian camps in South Dakota and assist in getting youth to those camps. 

As families, we all face budgetary concerns, priorities and commitments. It is our goal to make sure that financial concerns do not keep a child from having the opportunity to grow in Christ at camp.


The Jackson Lee Vetch Memorial Fund will assist in getting young people to go to Christian camp. This Fund is not concerned with your income status; rather we are truly motivated to get youth to Christian camp. Whether you are a first-time camper, a seasoned Christian camp veteran, or a cousin or friend visiting from far away, the Jackson Lee Vetch Memorial Fund will help with your camp fee. If you or your family are someday able to donate to replenish the Fund, we welcome your gift. Our vision is to PAY IT FORWARD for future generations, continuing to bless others in the manner we have been blessed. We will continue to do so as long as funds are available.


We are blessed in the memory of Jackson to have helped over 500 kids attend camp since 2013, and we look forward to continuing these efforts!


by his dad


Jackson Lee Vetch attended and enjoyed both Swan Lake Christian Camp and BroomTree Christian Camp. Jackson was a very typical child and did not ask to go to camp, but he did not complain when he was signed up to go. 

Jackson attended BroomTree the summer of 2012. He spoke very highly of his friends from next door and from 200 miles away, and truly enjoyed all of the things teenage boys do at camp. As his dad, I loved hearing Jackson say that he felt the Holy Spirit’s presence at camp. Jackson said, “Dad, I know what you mean now when you say ‘Pray.’ Before this experience, I was just saying the words.” Jackson said he laughed, cried, and prayed with other teenagers he met for the first time. Jackson loved it, and when he was telling me about camp, we both got goose bumps and felt the Holy Spirit move in us. 

In December 2012, my son Jackson took his life. I do not know why, but I do know where he is right now: with JESUS. Jackson was no angel on earth, but I find great comfort and peace that he experienced the Holy Spirit on earth. I believe he rests with the angels in Heaven. 

May everyone feel the Holy Spirit the way Jackson did. I believe attending Christian Camp can be an important part of that. Accept the gift, feel the Spirit, and share the love.

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